‘I broke my arm after being startled by ambulance siren’

Graham Hill from Minehead broke his arm after tripping over a pavement trying to move out of ambulan

Graham Hill from Minehead broke his arm after tripping over a pavement trying to move out of ambulance's way. - Credit: Archant

A holidaymaker claims an ambulance siren startled him, causing him to fall and break his arm.

Graham Hill, who was visiting Sidmouth from Minehead, said he tripped and fell in Fore Street, trying to move out of the way of the vehicle.

As a result, Mr Hill complained to the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust about the incident.

The trust has now launched an investigation.

A spokesman said: “The trust would like to wish Mr Hill well in his recovery.

“Our patient experience team is currently investigating the incident and the findings will be shared with Mr Hill.”

The accident occurred last Friday afternoon when Mr Hill said he was walking in the road in Fore Street because the pavement was busy.

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Mr Hill said he was then surprised by the sound of the ambulance’s siren.

He said: “The ambulance used the full force of the siren, rather than a beep of its horn.

“When you’re in a quiet seaside town like Sidmouth, you do not expect that to happen.

“My arm was in immediate pain, so I found my friend and went home.”

He went to hospital in Minehead and was told he had broken his arm and damaged his right knee.

The 62-year-old said: “I’m stuck in my house because of my broken arm; I cannot drive.”

The retired teaching officer thanked the people who went to his aid after his fall.

Mr Hill said he spoke to the driver of the ambulance who told him he was on his way to an emergency.

He added: “My opinions of Sidmouth have not been marred; at the time everyone was so kind. After the event, I was very confused and shocked.

“I did not know what was going on. I had gone for a leisurely stroll in a seaside town down towards the seafront, and then I tripped over the pavement, break-ing my arm and grazing my leg.”