Illegal rave leaves Ottery residents fuming

AN ILLEGAL rave left sleep-deprived Ottery residents fuming last weekend.

AN ILLEGAL rave left sleep-deprived Ottery residents fuming last weekend.

"Thumping music" woke residents in the early hours of Sunday morning and led to several complaints being lodged with police and the town council.

Broad Street resident and town councillor Joy Richardson said music woke her up at 3.30am.

She said: "I went out in my dressing gown at 5.30am and walked down the street trying to find where the noise was coming from. It was still going on at 8am Sunday morning. I wasn't the only one woken up in the early hours."

A police spokesman said overnight resources in the area were thin following a serious incident in Honiton, however, officers did locate the source of music in the White Cross area of East Hill at 8.30am on Sunday morning.

Revellers, who were "winding down" were given 30 minutes to leave the site and duly complied.

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The incident has prompted police to warn landowners and the public to ring them early if they suspect a rave is going to take place, or if they notice a large amount of cars and activity in a certain area.

They are also asking people to make sure gates and entrances to land as well as secluded properties such as barns and sheds are secure.

The police spokesman added: "We do rely on our communities to be aware of the potential of this kind of behaviour and tell us as soon as possible so we can nip them in the bud."

Musical events and festivals must be licensed otherwise people taking part are classed as trespassers on the land and can be arrested.

The spokesman added: "Specific legislation about raves has recently been tightened.

"Police and environmental health officers have powers to go and seize sound equipment used at such events and have used these powers in the past."

If you suspect land is being prepared for a rave or have information about an illegal music event contact the police on 08452 777444.