Increase airport but don’t increase night flights say Ottery

The message to the airport was Ottery wants no more night flights as the council responded to its new masterplan.

A presentation was given to Ottery Town Council on Monday where it was revealed passenger numbers have declined sharply at Exeter Airport, and investment is needed to secure its future.

The expansion plans include a large amount of land to be developed for employment, so they can increase freight traffic, become a hub for the Royal Mail in the south west, and be a base for both the police and fire service.

Councillors were generally supportive of the proposals, which were part of the ‘Addendum to the Exeter Airport Masterplan’, delivered by Stephen Ayres, the communications manager at the airport.

But Councillor Paul Abbott said over-night flights were the biggest concern for the people of Ottery, and the noise pollution was causing concern.

Mr Ayres said there were no plans for any night flight restrictions, but added: “I can’t see the Royal Mail asking for any more than the ones they already have.

“Our operators give no indication that’s a way of serving their particular market.”

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Councillor Vesey Davoren asked about the plan for controlled airspace at Exeter Airport, which has been in the pipeline for two years.

Mr Ayres replied: “It is in the lap of the Civil Aviation Authority.

“There are a lot of hoops to go through. We wish we did have our own controlled airspace.”

After the presentation Deputy Mayor Ian Holmes proposed the council support the new masterplan, but with the proviso no additional night flights are allowed between the hours of midnight to 6am.

There was some objection to the scale of the plans but motion was carried by seven votes to two, with three abstentions.

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