iwitness24: Your news is our news

The Sidmouth Herald is this week launching an exciting innovation which will bring us closer to our valued and loyal readers and contributors and help us strengthen our links with the community.

Iwitness24 allows you to share your photographs, videos and stories with our newsrooms as well as your friends.

You can use iwitness24 on your PC or smartphone, and it couldn’t be easier.

Just follow the link to eastnorthdevon.iwitness24.co.uk on the right hand side of this page.

Your pictures, videos or stories will be displayed on the iwitness24 website and will go directly to our news team where they could be selected for publication in the paper or on the website.

We want to see your pictures from around your community, whether it be a scenic spot which catches your eye or an event that you have attended. And when you are in the right place at the right time, we’d love you to capture the moment and share it via iwitness24

Senior reporter Stefan Gordon believes iwitness24 is an exciting addition for the Herald and said: “Our readers love taking pictures of their community and I know they enjoy sharing them with readers.

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“And when something happens there is always someone on the spot with their camera or smartphone willing to share their images with us.”

Some of the exciting features on the iwitness24 site include:

l Follow friends and favourite users and keep up-to-date with their latest submissions;

l Rise through the ranks by adding more photos and videos, voting for other people’s pictures and commenting on them;

l Share your favourite work on your Facebook wall and your Twitter accounts;

l Take part in our “Call for Witnesses” where we email you to see if you are in the area of an incident or event and are taking pictures.

All that’s left to do is sign up and see how you can get involved.

And when you do, let us know by e-mailing stefan.gordon@archant.co.uk