Jacqueline holds exhibit at Kennaway House

Jacqueline Steel is showcasing her work at Kennaway House this week

Jacqueline Steel is showcasing her work at Kennaway House this week - Credit: Archant

A self-taught Sidmouth artist is celebrating a successful exhibition as it draws to a close.

Jacqueline Steel is showcasing at Kennaway House more than 90 paintings and miniatures she has created during the last year.

The week long event kicked off with a successful preview evening last Friday with many guests laying claim to a picture.

Jacqueline said: “I’m gobsmacked, I’m a bit emotional. It was only a preview evening.”

The artist was inspired to pick up a paintbrush while she was working at the Kings School and was encouraged to do her art A Level alongside the pupils.

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She said: “I only started painting a few years ago.

“I made the conscious decision not to be pigeonholed into a certain style or subject. That’s just not who I am, I wanted to pain everything, any subject and many different styles and techniques excited me. Only by being true to myself could I put my heart and soul into each every painting.”

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Jacqueline said she was also certain she did not want to showcase her work hanging from one level.

“I wanted people to walk in and be stopped in their tracks as they were confronted by a walk into my imagination. Floor to ceiling of images. I wanted them to experience the overwhelming, exciting, overpowering impact the art and painting has had on me.”

To see Jacqueline’s exhibition drop into Kennaway House between 10am and 4pm until Friday, July 1.

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