Jealousy of your partner’s ex can ‘ruin lives’, says hypnotherapist Mark

Mark Lindsey Earley.

Mark Lindsey Earley. - Credit: Archant

Hypnotherapy could be the cure for people obsessed with their partner’s sexual or romantic history, a leading Sidmouth practitioner has claimed.

Mark Lindsey Earley (pictured), of Brewery Lane, who believes he is the only psychotherapist in the world offering treatment for ‘retroactive jealousy’, said such obsessions can ‘ruin lives’. They are among the worst psychological conditions there are, according to Mark, 46.

He said it was believed to be a complex form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder caused by a malfunction within certain parts of the forebrain - with insecurities and self-esteem playing a massive part with how irrational a person could be, often conflicting beliefs about women, men, sex, romance and relationships. Mark added that people with retroactive jealousy constantly bombarded their partners with questions about their past, leaving them feeling shamed and pressured. The sufferer gets temporary relief from having the questions answered, but the questioning always leads to more jealousy and further questions - and so a vicious cycle is created.

“Hypnotherapy works directly with some of the neuroscientific theories behind it [retroactive jealousy],” said Mark, who is starting a support group in Sidmouth and plans to run sessions wherever he has enough people requiring it.

“Retroactive jealousy is an overlooked and a hidden problem.”

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Mark, who used to suffer from the condition, said the therapy he offered was very subtle and has quite a sophisticated art to it.

“It is unlikely to get better on its own if it is ‘true’ retroactive jealousy,” he said.

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“It can strike at any age and usually starts a way into a relationship – one sufferer was fine for 16 years until he saw a photograph of his wife with her ex.

“It’s probably one of the most distressing psychological conditions there is. The better the relationship and the more you love your partner, the worse it is.

“I’m very passionate about reaching people who think they are unique and who are suffering in isolation.”

Email Mark at for more information.

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