Keith Owen cash ‘rescues’ autumn for aboretum

A TREE-MENDOUS grant of �5,767 from the Sid Vale Association (SVA) has rescued a world-first community project’s carefully laid plans for autumn.

The Keith Owen Fund cash will be handed to Sidmouth Arboretum so it can branch out with a website, print leaflets and take part in a town science festival next month.

“Delighted” arboretum organiser, Diana East, said the SVA had ‘come to the project’s rescue’ with the generous award.

The Herald reported earlier this month how Sidmouth Arboretum missed out on more than �5,000 for the Big Lottery because of the name that was on the application form.

The arboretum has now set up as an association with its own constitution and bank account and plans for the next few months will now be able to go ahead.

The committee – which includes three town councillors - will be able to confirm a guided walk on October 21 as part of the Sidmouth Science Festival.

It will also be able to design and publish a tree trail leaflet for the Sidbury area, and carry forward plans for a website which will have a database of our best loved trees – including the imposing avenue of beech trees on Bennett’s Hill (pictured).

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“There are many wonderful beech trees on the wooded hills that surround the valley, but few that can be so easily admired from the urban streets,” said Diana.