Killerton water mill in action

Two days of tasting and talks this weekend

KILLERTON Estate’s 200-year-old working water mill in Broadclyst is hosting an afternoon of tasting, baking and talks tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday, October 24-25 from 2pm to 5pm.

Killerton’s Head Chef Gelf Anderson will be joined by two local artisan bakers Emma Parkin and Ken Horne who all source their flour from Clyston Mill.

Visitors will be able to watch the picturesque three-storey mill in action, see the mill wheel turning, walk up the creaky stairs and hear from resident millers, Brian and Ursula Kirby.

Clyston mill produces flour for a number of local bakers, as well as the kitchen at Killerton House (which does all its own baking) and the shop.

Brian Kirby, the Custodian for the mill, said, “It is always great to welcome people who are discovering the mill for the first time. We’ve been milling flour at Clyston Mill for over 10 years and this is our second season of growing grain.”