King’s school ‘full up’ says head

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The King’s School headteacher is worried about new housing developments in the town after saying the Ottery academy is ‘completely full’.

Faith Jarrett said she cannot accept anymore students because there is nowhere to put them on the cramped Barrack road site.

It comes on the back of a new league table, which shows The King’s as being the best non-selective state school in Devon for A/AS levels.

Ms Jarrett said it was ‘great for the students’, and enabled them to go on and do what they wanted to do after leaving.

But the head said unless something was done to expand the school those results would be put in jeopardy.

She said Devon County Council (DCC) has told her there is no money to move to a new site, and the school is currently building on its ‘last bit of available land’.

With approval for 130 new homes in Butts Road, and plans for 100 at the factory site and up to 180 just across the road from The King’s, there could be potentially hundreds of extra pupils in its catchment area.

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Ms Jarrett said the school has pumped funding into reducing class sizes to improve results, and is not prepared to increase them again, and is urging DCC to do something to prevent potential overcrowding.