Nic goes back to school with debut novel

Author Nic Williamson, left, back at King's School in Ottery with headteacher Rob Gammon

Author Nic Williamson, left, back at King's School in Ottery with headteacher Rob Gammon - Credit: King's School

The King’s School in Ottery St Mary was delighted to be contacted recently by a former student who had published his first novel.
Nic Williamson studied at King’s from 2007 to 2014. He visited the school recently to offer copies of his novel for the school library.
His book, called Bonds, is a fantasy novel set in the world of the Southern Continent. It tells the story of the character Kaydenor, who must journey across scenic lands to find his lost brother Jurrin. On his journey, Kaydenor encounters many beings and creatures who wield great power, and he faces many obstacles. Will he overcome all the challenges and reunite his family?
King’s head teacher Rob Gammon said: “We are delighted to see Nic following his dreams, and publishing at such a young age.
“We are also very grateful for the copies that he has donated to the library for our students to read.” 
A number of King’s students and staff have already read Bonds and given it great reviews, in addition to the five-star rating on Amazon.

One reviewer of Bonds, writing on the Good Reads website, said: "This was such a fun read, and one I think many teens and young readers would massively enjoy, especially if they want to start getting into the fantasy genre. It’s got the right amount of humour, action, and heartfelt moments that always kept me entertained!"

Another wrote: "While there are some hallmarks of a new author in the early chapters, once this book found its feet it would not stop running! A story of mystery and action that any age will enjoy. I'm looking forward to what the author has in store for the future, it will surely be a bright one."

The Curious Otter Bookstore in Ottery St Mary also has a limited number of copies to sell.
Nic studied at King’s and achieved A-levels in biology, French and geography. After leaving King’s, he attended York University and completed a degree in environmental geography.  On returning to Exeter, Nic took a role in renewable energy and now works in ecology. 

Nic took writing courses in his spare time and published Bonds in 2020.

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