Lab tests needed to discover reason for large Sidmouth pothole

Pothole at Three Corner Plot in Sidmouth. Ref shs 47 17TI 3612. Picture: Terry Ife

Pothole at Three Corner Plot in Sidmouth. Ref shs 47 17TI 3612. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

There is something moving under Sidmouth’s Triangle – that’s the suspicion of a leading councillor who has called for lab tests to get to the bottom of a super-sized pothole.

The pothole, next to the Three Cornered Plot, measures two metres by one metre, with a depth of four inches at its centre.

It has been filled in at least twice in the last 18 months but has come back bigger than ever, says Councillor Stuart Hughes.

Cllr Hughes said he suspected there was movement in the ground below the road and core tests on the materials in the ground near the pothole were needed before it could be fixed.

He added: “We have done works on that road before. We believe there is something moving under there.

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“We can put tarmac on top but when the buses move over it, it pushes it out again.

“We need to do a core test on the materials, so we can find out what is under there.

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“It has been filled two or three times but this time it is a lot larger.

“We need to look at the underlying problem and see how to treat it properly.”

Cllr Hughes, who is responsible for highways, said it would be a couple of weeks before the tests could be done and the council would need to wait for the results before deciding how best to fix it.

Regular road user Nikki Dawkins, said: “A pothole appeared there a few months ago; I try and avoid it when possible, which is what everyone just tries to do.

“I have caught the edge of it in my car and thought ‘my gosh, it is good job I didn’t drive into it or it would have definitely done some damage’.”

“They have actually already filled in. There was quite a big hole and they fixed it but now it has started to come back again. I think it has been there a couple of months.

“The buses park there with their wheel in the pothole and the tarmac gets pushed out to one side.”

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