Lilla seeks research helper

A SIDMOUTH researcher needs a second pair of eyes to help with her work.

Lilla Bek, of Cotmaton Road, is a lecturer, teacher, counsellor and healer. She has written books on self-healing, meditation, colour and yoga. Her first, entitled What Colour Are You? was published in 1981 and written with Annie Wilson, of the World Health Organisation,

Since then, she has carried out research and given talks and lectures throughout America and Europe. She has also trained as a counsellor and become a yoga teacher. Her son has set up a website for her and the material for further courses and publications is increasing all the time, so she is now seeking somebody to read over her articles, checking they are accurate and make sense.

“I was born to research everything,” said Lilla, 77. “I look at the invisible world, the essence of people and what they are made of.”

She has done a lot of work on how colours relate to people’s moods. She said: “If you are upset, you are drawn to wearing red, but that’s the last thing you need, you need a nice blue.”

While her research helper would primarily work on articles for the website, there is potential that if they get on well, they would also help on forthcoming books. Lilla said: “If someone fits and we enjoy working together, then we’ll carry on. Essentially, they would tidy my ideas up, teach me how to be a writer. It would suit somebody who’s retired and looking for a bit of extra money.”