Extra investment in mental health services and nursing bursaries in East Devon are among the promises being made ahead of the elections.

Ahead of the vote on Thursday, December 12, the candidates for the East Devon seat have put forward their ideas for how health services should be safeguarded or improved in the region.

The seat was previously occupied by Conservative Sir Hugo Swire who is not standing in this election.

Independent candidate Peter Faithfull said: "Local community hospitals form an important point of care.

"It is critical that they are protected, with careful analysis of the services needed within each hospital catchment area.

"Much of this work is already taking place.

"Community hospitals need to return to the local care providers."

Henry Gent, the Green Party candidate, said: "We will increase funding for the NHS by at least £6 billion per year - a 4.5 per cent increase.

"Additionally, we would spend £1 billion per year on nursing bursaries.

"We will build new community health centres, emphasising preventative healthcare."

Conservative Party candidate Simon Jupp said: "The Health Secretary (Matt Hancock) has committed to keeping our community hospitals open alongside our healthcare hub in Budleigh Salterton.

"I will protect the services you and your family need because I know they are important to families, including mine, in Devon."

Eleanor Rylance, of the Liberal Democrats, said: "We need a strong, joined-up health and social care system, along with huge investment into mental health care services.

"We will dedicate a 1p in the pound income tax rise to pay for this, and invest £10 billion in capital across the country into improving existing buildings."

Labour Party candidate Daniel Wilson said: "Voting Labour is the only way to guarantee investment in the NHS and prevent privatisation.

"The Conservatives are breaking up the NHS in to an insurance based, American model of healthcare.

"The NHS is here to ensure we all have access to high quality, free healthcare."

Independent candidate Claire Wright said: "The local NHS simply doesn't have enough money to provide all of the services it needs to offer so we need to end austerity and invest the cash needed to reduce waiting times and provide adequate mental health provision and adult social care."