Replacement rides at adventure park among latest planning applications


Planning applications received by East Devon District Council - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Below are the planning applications received by East Devon District Council in the week of November 29, 2021.

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21/3160/FUL: Construction of loft conversion with rear dormer, sunroom extension, enlargement of parking area and internal alterations: Well Cottage Gorseway Convent Road Sidmouth EX10 8RJ
21/3127/FUL: The creation of two off street parking spaces: 48 Tyrrell Mead Sidmouth EX10 9TR
21/3115/FUL: Extension of existing garage and lounge and loft extension: Elm Way Cottage Elm Way Sidford Sidmouth EX10 9SY
21/3108/FUL: Rear two storey extension to dwellinghouse with associated internal alterations: 189 Manstone Avenue Sidmouth EX10 9TL
21/3100/FUL: Erection of two polytunnels and a small rainwater reservoir at a adjacent and secluded field: Passaford Farm House Northmostown Sidmouth EX10 0NL

21/3139/FUL: Replacement Garage to the front of the property. Summer room to replace existing conservatory at the rear. Over cladding and render to existing walls: Jasmine Cottles Lane Woodbury Exeter EX5 1EE

21/3141/FUL: Erection of replacement first floor rear balcony: Waysmeet Hawkchurch Axminster EX13 5UA
21/3146/FUL: Conversion of one third of the existing steel frame barn into a single holiday accommodation unit: Tillworth Bungalow Hawkchurch Axminster EX13 5UB
21/3134/FUL: Two storey extension to dwelling: 9 Chard Road Axminster EX13 5HN
21/3117/FUL: Loft conversion in farmhouse to include 3 dormers, extension of existing outbuilding, change of use of land to allow extension of outbuilding and solar panel array on existing agricultural barn: Sellerswood Farm Musbury Axminster EX13 8SR
21/3113/TCA: T1 Leylandii - Target prune lower limbs back to the stem on the road side of the tree (largest dia 150mm) to take the limbs away from the BT wire and pole and off of the overhang from the road. These smaller limbs are in contact with the BT wires and pole. T2 Ash - Remove the lower limb from the Ash that is overhanging the garden from the wall. This lower limb was resting on a garden shed. T3 Holm Oak - To target prune the 3 lower limbs on the left of the tree as looking from the rear garden. To take these limbs out of the established Yew tree and off of the laurel hedge: The Old Vicarage Chardstock Axminster EX13 7BY
21/3116/FUL: Two storey front extensions: Charnwood Cooks Lane Axminster EX13 5SQ
21/3024/FUL: Conversion of workshop into holiday accommodation and family annexe: East View Old Taunton Road Dalwood Axminster Devon EX13 7QD
21/2985/LBC: Dismantle and rebuild south side of bridge including the insertion of concrete and streel rods: Sector Hall Sector Lane Axminster EX13 5RZ
21/2927/FUL: Installation of a telecoms kiosk surrounded by palisade fencing: Axe Valley Academy Chard Street Axminster EX13 5EA

21/3143/TRE: T5, Holm Oak : Remove all basal growth including one stem circa 20cm retaining just the main stem. Crown lift to no more than 5m in height from ground level. Maximum diameter of pruning cuts 85mm; prune branches away from street light as per the attached photo to achieve 1.5m clearance and to ensure that street light is visible from along public footpath between 39 and 41 Winslade Park Avenue. Reason: Appropriate arboricultural management: Adjacent 39 Winslade Park Avenue Clyst St Mary Exeter EX5 1DA
21/3059/FUL: Replacement of the family swinger and honey swinger rides with various children's rides, attractions and related works; extension to buildings to provide improved toilet/storage facilities: Crealy Adventure Park Sidmouth Road Clyst St Mary Exeter EX5 1DR

21/3130/FUL: Repitching of ground floor roof to the front of property: 12 Salterton Road Exmouth EX8 2BW
21/3110/TRE: 5T1,Oak : Reduce by approximately 1m cutting second and third order branches to a suitable pruning position to leave a height of approximately 14m and a radial spread of approximately 4m. Remove ivy and epicormic shoots to main fork: 9 Walls Close Exmouth EX8 4LY
21/3082/FUL: Erection of a two bedroom dwelling and associated works: 7 Masey Road Exmouth EX8 4AS
21/3034/FUL: Single storey side and rear extensions, removal of existing chimney stack, conversion of roof space to habitable use to include 1 side and 2 rear roof lights, installation of off road parking to side of dwelling: 7 Woodlands Drive Exmouth EX8 4QP
21/2929/FUL: Erection of single storey rear extension of 2 metres across the width of the house with a pitched roof and sliding glass doors at the rear: 48 Lipscomb Avenue Exmouth Devon EX8 2FL
21/2925/FUL: Demolition of existing main detached house and for the rebuilding in a high performance, low energy detached house and a detached double garage: Woodland Lodge Bystock Exmouth EX8 5ED
21/2913/FUL: Demolition of existing main detached house and for the rebuilding in a high performance, low energy detached house and a detached double garage: Woodland Lodge Bystock Exmouth EX8 5ED

21/3124/FUL: Proposed single storey rear extension: 10 Stoneborough Lane Budleigh Salterton EX9 6HL
21/3109/TCA: T1 and T2 beech - reduce height by 2 - 3m to suitable second and third order branches to leave a height of approximately 11m. Shorten side growth by 1 - 2m to leave a radial spread of approximately 3m. T3 Douglas fir - remove ivy and lift lower branches to clear 4m from ground level. Plant birch nearby for eventual replacement. T4 cherry - lift lower branches to clear 2.5m from ground level: 8 Ottery Street Otterton Budleigh Salterton EX9 7HW

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21/3119/FUL: Proposed single storey rear extension: 5 Coly Road Honiton EX14 2EH
21/3086/ADV: Erection of signage for building, parking and plantroom access: Grow Out Building 3 4 Babbage Way Science Park Clyst Honiton Exeter EX5 2FN
21/3088/FUL: Single storey side extensions and alterations to fenestration: 11 Oak View Honiton EX14 2UD
21/3055/VAR: Application Reference Number: 18/1513/FUL Date of Decision: 23/10/2018 Condition Number(s): 2 and 3 Conditions(s) Removal: 1. The layout of the allotment plots has changed from the layout approved under planning grant 18/1513/FUL. 2. Changes to the landscaping of the site is requested. 3. Permission to erect sheds, greenhouses and polytunnels no larger than 8ft x 6ft is requested. Condition 2 - attached revised layout map to be listed as an approved plan. Condition 2- the approved plans include permission to for each plot to have a shed, greenhouse and/or polytunnel erected on it measuring no more than 8ft x 6ft. Condition 3 - the agreed landscaping of the site shall be amended to include the changes shown on the revised Exe 3 Amend V2: Land South Battishorne Way Honiton
21/3036/FUL: Proposed new access on southern boundary, close off existing access from Stockland Hill, new bio-digester and drainage field: Saxons Cotleigh Honiton EX14 9JD
21/2949/LBC: Remodelling of the existing first-floor bathroom and WC area in order to provide a separate bathroom with WC and shower with WC and removal of the existing brick fireplace on ground floor to open up original fireplace: Court Barton Feniton Honiton EX14 3BD

21/3118/VAR: Variation of Condition 2 (Approved Plans) of application 20/0766/FUL (Construction of single storey side, rear and front extensions (revision to 19/1627/FUL); demolition of an existing outbuilding and construction of new single storey building to provide a therapy/store room (resubmission of expired application 16/0400/FUL): Khadine Slade Road Ottery St Mary EX11 1JE

21/3112/FUL: Construction of two new semi-detached dwellings and new vehicular access for existing dwelling: 1 Heath Cottages Broadclyst Exeter EX5 3GZ

21/3104/FUL: Proposed construction of annexe: Larkshayne Colyton EX24 6SH
21/3015/VAR: Variation of Condition 2 (Approved Plans) of application 21/0061/FUL: Virtues Vineyard Southleigh Colyton EX24 6JA

21/3105/FUL: Demolition of two existing detached garages and lean-to store, construction of 3 bay and garage with upper storeroom: Iford Southbrook Lane Whimple Exeter EX5 2PG
21/3099/FUL: Single storey rear extension: 45 Grove Road Whimple Exeter EX5 2TP

21/3078/FUL: Retrospective application for new Kitchen Flue: Greendale Farm Shop Sidmouth Road Farringdon Exeter EX5 2JU

21/3077/FUL: Demolition of three stable buildings and construction of new dwelling: Higher Stables Meeting Lane Lympstone Exmouth EX8 5JJ
21/2952/CPE: Certificate of lawfulness for an existing use of garage adjoining Strand House: The Garage Adjoining Strand House The Strand Lympstone Exmouth EX8 5EY

21/3069/MRES: Approval of the reserved matters of access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for the construction of the phase 4 town square with associated engineering works and landscaping works. Discharge of conditions 14, 17, and 19 of planning permission 03/P1900. (This is a subsequent application in respect of permission 03/P1900 which was accompanied by an Environmental Statement): Phase 4 Town Square Land To The South Of Yonder Acre Way Cranbrook