Long-serving Sidmouth councillor calls it a day

“I’ve always had Sidmouth at heart,” says Tony Reed.

A LONG-SERVING public servant has retired from local politics after nearly two decades fighting Sidmouth’s corner.

Tony Reed relinquished his seat on the district council after 16 years and has stepped down as a town councillor after 18 years.

The 74-year-told told the Herald this week: “I’ve always had Sidmouth at heart.

“I feel I have left things a little better than I found them, and it’s now time to move on.”

Tony says having a hand in securing replacement railings on the seafront, the installation of a new town sewerage system, traffic lights at Sidford Cross and helping to save Sidmouth FolkWeek are among his proudest achievements.

“As chairman of the town council, the possibility Sidmouth FolkWeek could discontinue happened on my watch. With help from other enthusiasts we retained it, and have seen it flourish,” he said.

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“The lack of a resolution for the crumbling Pennington Point and the Fortfield Hotel saga are my biggest frustrations.

“I’ve lived, farmed, traded and done business in the area and feel this gave me a good insight of life in the town. I became a councillor because I wanted to put something back.

“Serving the town as a councillor is something I’ve enjoyed immensely.”

Tony is a former chairman of Sidmouth Town Council and the outgoing vice chairman and ward member for Sidmouth Rural on East Devon District Council (EDDC).

During his period as chairman of development management (planning) at Knowle, he oversaw the introduction of public speaking at meetings.

Tony’s work at EDDC also involved membership of a wide range of sub-committees.

“It was a particular pleasure to be a member of the Norman Lockyer Observatory management committee- it’s a fantastic jewel in the crown of East Devon,” he said.

Tony worked with several local businesses and societies when he was appointed the first-ever chairman of the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership in 2003.