Man airlifted after breaking arm on Branscombe cliffs

A man had to be airlifted to hospital after fracturing his arm while walking on the cliffs at Branscombe.

The man was out with his partner on a footpath from Vicarage Hill in Branscombe walking towards the coast on the afternoon of Thursday, February 9.

Terry Hoare from Beer Coastguard said as the couple got near to the coast the man fell forward and put his arm out, fracturing it quite badly as he hit the ground.

Paramedics were called around 3pm, who then rang the coastguard for assistance in getting to the injured man up on the footpath.

Terry said the man was in a lot of pain when three of his men and a crew from South West Ambulance Service found him.

He said he was given morphine at the scene before being airlifted to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital for treatment on his arm.