Market Towns in East Devon

Lobelia Cottage, Dalwood

Lobelia Cottage, Dalwood - Credit: Archant

Taking a look at East Devon Property, with Nigel Bishop, of Recoco.

The Old school House, Luppitt.

The Old school House, Luppitt. - Credit: Archant

Centuries of tradition survive and make the market towns across the country what they are - appealing, lively communities that are an antidote to the buzz of city life.

A place where local residents have time to enjoy a slower pace of life. That isn’t to say these towns aren’t in tune with technology - they just balance real life values with modern day demands.

The ‘Good Life’ and self -sufficiency was very much in vogue in the 1970s. This evolved, with television, into the massive celebrity chef and food culture lifestyle we all enjoy. This has been good news for the market towns everywhere as farmers’ markets and the ancient street markets thrive, bringing footfall to the shops, restaurants and cafes.

East Devon is no exception to the celebrity chef world. Axminster is notable with River Cottage Café - Honiton is a buzz on market days to name just two.

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Whilst many people these days fight shy of big gardens, preferring to buy produce, there are many who gain pleasure from growing and picking their own vegetables. There is a great sense of satisfaction in physically reaping what you sow. For those with little garden, an allotment is an answer and most councils still ensure these are available. For the more adventurous, a smallholding can lead to full self-sufficiency with chickens, a house cow etc - hard work but very rewarding.

Humberts of Honiton (01404 42456) is selling The Old School House at Luppitt. A traditional Victorian school and headmaster’s house of stone construction with wonderful views across the valley. The gardens are a delight with formal and vegetable gardens and orchard. The perfect spot for someone with green fingers to grow their own garden produce.

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Greenslade Taylor Hunt (01404 46222) is selling Lobelia Cottage, in Dalwood, between Honiton and Axminster. Built in the early 20th century, this four-bedroom family home has been in the same family ownership for 40 years. It stands in two acres of grounds with productive vegetable plots, outbuildings for stock, polytunnel. Another good opportunity for those looking to create a self-sufficient lifestyle.

I hear previous generations saying ‘the old ways are the best’. That maybe so, but today we have lifestyle choices they couldn’t imagine. We live at a faster pace and fast food is part of it - but for those with time and patience, getting back to homegrown, fresh garden produce cannot be beaten: ‘it’s all about coming home’.

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