Mayday dancing at Ottery Primary

Pupils at Ottery Primary School put on a dazzling dancing display for their Mayday celebrations this week.

All 380 or so pupils enrolled at the school were involved, with each year group putting on dances for the visiting parents and locals.

Ranging between traditional maypole dancing and more modern dancing including a Bollywood number, the children have been practising for the event since Easter, culminating in a final dance by all the pupils on the playing fields.

The year six pupils even performed a parody of last month’s Royal Wedding, based on the T-Mobile television advert.

Mrs Jennifer Webber also crowned Harriet Pollington and Max Moore as the Mayday King and Queen.

Members of the PTA were on hand to provide refreshments to the spectators, who took advantage of Tuesday’s good weather to make an afternoon of the annual performance.

School administrator Sarah Pearman said: “It was a lovely day and brought everyone together, the parents love watching the children and the pupils love performing for their parents.”