Meditiation sessions help you focus

MEDITATION is all about focusing on the moment, says the Beer resident who will be running a series of meditation and awareness meetings in Sidmouth starting this month.

Rowland Moloney, 63, will lead the sessions at Kennaway House, Coburg Road, every Tuesday for six weeks from July 13, 10.30am to 11.45am. The aim is to help people find an inner peace, to help them concentrate less on their anxieties about the future and more on the present.

The retired English teacher said: “Many people live each day unconscious of the present moment, the now. They are too busy to pay it attention, worrying about the future and planning it, and in doing so are missing the moment. Meditation is a respite, a refuge, it puts a space between you and the world so that you stop depending on the world for happiness.

Each session will begin with a short talk, followed by a period of silence and guided meditation.

There will then be an opportunity for discussion and a look at a text, be it a poem or paragraph taken from a book.

Rowland said: “This is not a course, there’s nothing to be studied or learned. It’s a chance for people to experience stillness and a quality of ‘presence’ – of being totally in the moment. It’s sanity when most of us live a form of insanity. You get in touch with yourself and who you really are.”

Rowland, of Townsend, has been interested in meditation for 40 years. “It makes you a calmer, less anxious person, and that equips you to deal with anything you come across in life.”

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It is �35 for all six sessions, but people can go along to the first one as a taster before committing to attending again. To register for the first meeting phone Kennaway House on 01395 515551 or for further information call 01297 23607.