Sidmouth Photography Club: Photography officially recognised for its mental health benefits

1st - Spinning Wheel

1st - Spinning Wheel - Credit: Harri Morris

Photography is a fascinating passion for many of us but it is also recognised as being a significant aid for mental health and wellbeing due to the creativity it engenders and the fact it gets people outdoors. 

2nd - Tunnel Vision

2nd - Tunnel Vision - Credit: Mike Hawkridge

This has been officially recognised by the RPS (Royal Photographic Society) who have adopted mental health as one of the key messages incorporated in their new strategy ‘Photography for Everyone’.

3rd - First Light

3rd - First Light - Credit: Tony Velterop

Even in these challenging times, it is perfectly acceptable to carry a camera or camera phone when exercising and so photographers are able to keep mind and body active.

Clematis buds

Clematis buds - Credit: Hans Gebauer

Many readers will themselves enjoy taking images and following the wonderful images posted on social media, which help us all to appreciate the beauty of our natural surroundings, itself a source of great fortitude.

Liverpool Street Station

Liverpool Street Station - Credit: Mike Hawkridge

Members of Sidmouth Photography Club have been additionally inspired by interesting challenges and for the club competitions which continue unabated. Indeed the annual ‘Comp 2’, judged in November by the venerable judge John Tilsley, was almost oversubscribed with 83 images awarded valuable critique in an evening meeting online. Some of these images can be seen here and more information about Sidmouth PC can be found online at

Locked Up and Remote

Locked Up and Remote - Credit: Bob Reynolds

Pointing to the Corners

Pointing to the Corners - Credit: Keith Urwin

Scouting For Lunch

Scouting For Lunch - Credit: Brian Sherlow

Sidmouth Dawn

Sidmouth Dawn - Credit: Steve Sullivan


Smoking - Credit: Harri Morris

A Stretch of Exmouth Beach

A Stretch of Exmouth Beach - Credit: Keith Urwin

Form and function

Form and function - Credit: Suzanne Parsons


L92 - Credit: Suzanne Parsons

Smoking Dice

Smoking Dice - Credit: James Leacock

The Scoop

The Scoop - Credit: Mike Hawkridge

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