Chamber working to keep Sidmouth an attractive place to run a business

The Radway cinema in Sidmouth. Photo by Simon Horn. Ref shs 7344-13-14SH To order your copy of this

The Radway cinema in Sidmouth. Photo by Simon Horn. Ref shs 7344-13-14SH To order your copy of this photograph go to and click on Photo Orders - Credit: Archant

Mike Dibble, retired estate agent and avid sports fan, writes for the Herald about his passion for East Devon.

Mike Dibble Picture: contributed

Mike Dibble Picture: contributed - Credit: Picture: contributed

If you are involved in the commercial world in the Sidmouth area, and you are not a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, then I strongly recommend that you do join the organisation.

They currently have a special offer where you can join from June 1st for a rate of £32.50 for six months.

Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce has been in existence for one hundred years. Its purpose is to ensure that Sidmouth continues to remain an attractive and vibrant environment for business, for all locals and visitors alike, for the next hundred years.

I read in this paper last week that a film that was filmed at Sidbury Manor is about to have a special screening at the Radway Cinema in Sidmouth on June 16.

The film is called All My Friends Hate Me and apparently it has received glowing reviews. Former Sidmouth cricketer George Cave, whose family own Sidbury Manor, was a university friend of the writers.

Robbie Drew’s appearance as a barman in the film will have his friends anticipating a possible Hollywood career in the future!

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In other Radway Cinema news it was lovely to see Sidmouth’s very own cinema featuring on the BBC Spotlight news programme last Friday evening.

Amanda Marks from the cinema was featured along with a number of people with regards to the new Top Gun film. Filming also took place at Dunkeswell and the presenter was taken on a flight with an aerobatic display pilot.

The Sidmouth cinema has been raising money for the Royal Air Force benevolent fund whilst screening the film.

On Thursday, June 2 the Herald published a day early to coincide with the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations which include a street party from 4 to 7pm.

Today also sees Salcombe Regis Fair taking place. The long range weather forecast was good so hopefully everyone will have a fantastic day and weekend.

The first Sidmouth Jazz Festival is also taking place over the next few days so if you are visiting the town I hope you will be blown away (not literally!) by its charm and splendour.

We will also have fire beacons lit on Fire Beacon Hill and on The Esplanade.

It was good to see the lifeguards back on the beach last week.

Yellow and red flags highlighting a safe swimming area were also seen. In addition there is a lifeguard storage building also in situ opposite The Belmont Hotel.

Last weekend you may have noticed the large navy vessel taking part in exercises off the coast.

I am reliably informed it was the Prince of Wales. There were also a number of large container ships using the channel.

A lady tells me she saw an otter by the ford last week so it is good to know they are still around. The swallows at the golf club are back so with Summer now here we are seeing much of our wildlife returning.

Is it me or are the traffic issues outside our local primary schools getting worse?

People are parking on the single yellow lines in the afternoon and worse still parking on the zig zag lines.

With no warden or police deterrent the situation is becoming dangerous. I see lengthy queues in Vicarage Road and Woolbrook Road regularly which is very frustrating for those going about their business.

After last week’s heavy defeat to Heathcote Sidmouth Cricket Club’s 1st XI will be aiming to bounce back with a win against Paignton in Saturday’s home game at The Fortfield.

The 2nd XI are at Exmouth and the 3rd XI are playing at The Fortfield on Sunday with a home game against Honiton.

Finally I’ve got to have a moan about littering in the area.

I cannot believe in this day and age that people still throw litter out of car windows and also don’t take their litter home with them.

I just wish the authorities would come down harder on these people.