Mike Dibble: Roe deer population on the rise and Christmas is coming

A Roe Deer on Fire Beacon Nature Reserve. Ref shs 16-17TI 9775. Picture: Terry Ife

A Roe Deer on Fire Beacon Nature Reserve. Ref shs 16-17TI 9775. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

We’ll start this week with a bit of news on the wildlife front. I am told by a local resident, who lives in the Bickwell Valley area of Sidmouth, that the roe deer population has risen rapidly in their area recently.

Mike Dibble Picture: contributed

Mike Dibble Picture: contributed - Credit: Picture: contributed

Apparently it has increased to such an extent that they are now coming into his garden and they are nibbling away at his radishes!

Other plants and vegetables are also on the menu! We certainly see a number of them around the golf course so I am not surprised that this is happening. With no natural predator and plenty of food around I fear the ‘problem’ is only going to worsen.

Although a nuisance to some they are a spectacular sight. One came out in front of me in Cotmaton Road recently. You can only marvel at their athleticism.

I spoke a few weeks ago about The Sid Valley Ring and last week I finally managed to negotiate it in an anticlockwise direction.

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I must admit that I had underestimated how much rain had fallen and it was certainly very wet in places. The areas that had seen cattle grazing were by far the hardest to negotiate. This included the area by the stream in Harcombe and the large field between Sidbury and White Cross

A quick shout out to Drews of Sidbury who provide the perfect stopping off point during the walk. Their pies and scotch eggs are delicious.

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With Christmas only a few weeks away I see on social media that a number of people are proud to already have their trees and decorations up. I’m assuming the trees are fake ones as otherwise needles will be all over their carpets by the middle of December!

Whilst this will no doubt draw criticism from some people I think, in this of all years, people should be allowed to do what makes them and their families happy. Anything to cheer anyone up at the moment is surely a positive.

Away from local matters I did enjoy watching the video of the Donald Trump impressionist on an American comedy programme who was at a children’s party. He was screaming on the floor holding on to one of the chairs without letting go. An aide was trying to drag him away from the play room and he was heard screaming at the top of his voice repeatedly ‘I don’t want to go!’

With no golf at Sidmouth during the second lockdown the green keepers have been busy working on the drains around the 4th green. The weather last weekend will have given their work a good test! It is unlikely that much golf could have been played these past two weeks so the lockdown has not made such a big difference for golfers. We are getting used to these wetter and milder Autumns.

Finally this week I would like to mention the very worthy organisation known as The Sidmouth Trust. This is a fundraising organisation which aims to create a fund to finance exciting projects which will carry Sidmouth through the 21st-century. Initial ideas have included a fish ladder in the River Sid, extending the area covered by The Byes, creating further cycle routes, a pedestrian bridge over the A3052, supporting local school projects and ensuring the infrastructure is in place to keep everyone healthy.

Local people and visitors to the region are invited to support the trust through donations, legacy gifts or bequests. Alternatively there is an opportunity to provide volunteer support for example by arranging fundraising events.

The Trust welcomes your ideas for local projects whether big or small. Ideas for projects don’t need to be fully developed but The Trust need your vision for Sidmouth’s future. You can write to The Trust c/o WBW Solicitors, 30 High Street, Sidmouth EX10 8EA. Read more on page 15 of your Herald.

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