'I feel that front line workers should be vaccinated as soon as possible'

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We start the New Year with the urgent need to vaccinate as many people as quickly as possible, to protect them from this deadly virus. 
I’ve heard nothing but good things about the efficiency of the vaccinations that have been taking place in Exmouth, which is where Sidmouth patients have had to go initially. During the recent cold weather I understand that people have not had to wait outdoors there which is excellent news. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case everywhere as we’ve seen on the news.
There is a lot of discussion at present about the order that people are being vaccinated. Personally I feel that front line workers should be vaccinated as soon as possible. I would happily wait before all these workers have been vaccinated. We have NHS staff and care home workers being vaccinated first but then professions such as the police, essential shop workers, teachers and undertakers should surely be next before the 50 to 70 year olds (except those with underlying health conditions). We’ll wait to see what transpires.  
I’ve been reading articles this week about the benefits of having a routine in your life in the current pandemic. I can understand that this brings a degree of normality which is likely to be comforting for many people. Exercise, at roughly the same time each day, can only be beneficial. And the exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous! 
I see on social media people asking for recommendations for television programmes. The benefits of channels like Netflix and the BBC iPlayer are very obvious at the present time. For sports fans this lockdown has been a lot easier to bear with the proliferation of sport on television. This isn’t just on satellite television but also on terrestrial TV. There is a debate saying that all sports should stop. I think that would have a very negative impact on many people. There are no crowds at present and participants are being tested regularly. However the example being set by some athletes is not good. They must realise they are role models and act accordingly. 
Locally our interest will be watching the first test match in Sri Lanka where Dominic Bess is likely to be playing for England. Early morning alarms will be going off across the valley. On the rugby front Exeter Chiefs have suffered two successive defeats against Wasps and Bristol. They will be hoping that injured players return soon. And on the football front Exeter City were knocked out of the FA Cup by an almost full strength Sheffield Wednesday.   
I have enjoyed doing a little bit of baking recently although on occasions I haven’t got the balance of ingredients quite right. As they say, practice makes perfect! The internet is great for recipes and I suspect there is a lot of home-schooling taking place that is centred on cooking. The pandemic does offer parents the opportunity to pass down their knowledge of many domestic skills! 
On the nature front I was lucky enough to video a kingfisher in The Byes last week. This particular bird was spotted by a few people and I followed it up river before it perched long enough for me to film it. I still wait to see the otter that has been seen by a few people recently. I haven’t seen a dipper on The Sid recently. Has anyone else spotted one? 
I couldn’t finish the article this week without mentioning events in Washington. How this President ever got elected is something many Americans will be asking. Events will play out this week but he can best be described as acting like a spoilt child who has always got his way. I suspect he will remain in the news and it could get very messy for him. Hopefully he will just disappear and Mr Biden can crack on with all the domestic and international crises he faces.

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