‘A few more weeks of caution is surely sensible’ - Mike Dibble

Christmas dinner at home Picture: Getty Images

Christmas dinner at home Picture: Getty Images - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Mike Dibble writes for the Sidmouth Herald

Mike Dibble Picture: contributed

Mike Dibble Picture: contributed - Credit: Picture: contributed

So, in a fortnight we’ll be sat around the dining table eating our Christmas lunch! I suspect it will seem very different for a lot of people this year as our usual family members and house guests may not be visiting.

I know a number of people who have decided to suspend their celebrations into the New Year which seems a sensible decision at the moment. Let’s hope we don’t get a spike in Covid cases in January after the ‘Christmas Release’.

I get the feeling when talking to people that many are going to be very pensive when it comes to socialising and, as we are so close to getting a vaccine, a few more weeks of caution is surely sensible. By meeting outdoors, the chances of passing anything on are greatly reduced the experts tell us and that’s the way many are sure to go.

I gather some local mountain bikers are looking for a suitable piece of ground to practice their skills. Are you aware of any land that might be suitable? I think we should all do what we can to promote exercise and help get people exercising outdoors. I heard the former deputy medical officer talking about the lack of exercise having an effect on how people are able to handle Coronavirus.

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Encouraging sport is one way to tackle this. On the subject of exercise facilities, I see the updated skateboarding facility is coming along well. It is located by the football ground, which is a central location, within a mile of most homes in Sidmouth and Sidford. Hopefully it will soon become a hive of activity once again.

The chances of some local rugby this season have increased, which is great news for the local clubs. We are hoping that by the spring the cricket season will be ready to start. The Devon Cricket League met on Zoom last week and the decision on teas was that they will continue. Good news especially for supporters who enjoy a beverage and a slice of cake!

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On the nature front, I was lucky enough to see a kingfisher on two separate occasions in the last week. Once on the River Otter and, for the first time this year, one on the River Sid. That flash of turquoise is surely one of the best sights in the natural world.

Onto a topic that riles many people. I read on social media that some dog owners are not picking up after their dogs in Sidmouth. To find a large quantity of mess in a small area is very upsetting for those living there. I know most owners are very responsible. A small minority are letting them down. Whilst on the littering topic I was disappointed to see a large number of cans and bottles thrown over the banks on Salcombe Hill. In this day and age I can’t believe that people don’t take their litter home.

If you haven’t seen the David Attenborough documentary on Netflix I recommend you do. I won’t say too much about the contents of the programme but it is sure to get you thinking. Put simply the future of the human race is in our hands. All 7.8 billion of us.

Finally, onto something less serious. Next week I was due to go and see Jethro, the well-known Cornish comedian, in his last ever performance. It has obviously been postponed because of the pandemic but I now hear from Exmouth Pavilions that he will now not be rearranging it for next year. This is due to ill health so the end of the road has been reached as he is now retiring. I think it’s only fair that I carry on telling his stories to keep the jokes alive! I won’t be repeating many of them in The Herald as I’m not sure many would get past the editor’s cut!

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