So much to enjoy on our doorstep... despite the crowds

Columnist Molly Bond loves to be by the seaside

Columnist Molly Bond loves to be by the seaside - Credit: Molly Bond

I have only just realised how lucky I am to live by the coast.

Going to the beach is something I have always taken for granted because the closest to where I live is only 20 minutes away and I am able to visit  whenever I want to. 

My friend, who lives in London, absolutely loves the seaside and previously when I had told her we’d just driven down the road to Sidmouth or slightly further to Exmouth for a quick swim after school she could hardly believe it.

The closest beach to her is almost three hours away, which makes a day trip hardly worth the effort and planning required.

My family can decide to go, pack our things and be in the sea less than an hour later.

However, living near the coast has its negative aspects too. Especially this year as it was far more difficult to go abroad.

It seemed as though the whole of the UK had descended on Devon and Cornwall, meaning there was a lot more traffic and crowds, which was frustrating at times.

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One day during the school holidays me and my family left at 8am to go to a beach in Cornwall just so that we could ensure we had a parking space and a decent spot on the sand.

When we left, the car park was full and everyone was struggling to find a space just because of how busy it was.

On another occasion, we met some friends on Dartmoor for a dog walk and decided to drive back to where they live to have lunch together.

However, the volume of traffic was so bad that we had to abandon our plans and arrived home very hungry.

This is the busiest I’ve known the summer season to be.

And although the crowds, the traffic and the queues have been an inconvenience, that is outweighed by the fact that we have so much to enjoy on our doorstep.

Like my friend in London, the majority of people who came to visit are now at least an hour away.

Anyway, I must sign off now… I’m going for a swim!

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