'It’s amazing how much you take for granted and how much we have to be grateful for'

Close up of girl hands using smart phone on power outage with candles at night on a desk at home

Problems with power cuts - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Last Tuesday night, I was upstairs playing with our pet dog when my brother shouted “Mummy, can I have a biscuit?!”
As soon as the last word escaped his mouth, suddenly all of the power in the house went and, because it was the evening, we couldn’t see anything.
I headed downstairs and we began to light some candles and find all the torches.
We placed a candle in all the rooms and a torch in the living room as well. I messaged my friend and she said that her power and their next door neighbour’s power was out too but no one else’s.
I looked out of the window and saw that our row of houses had no lights on but the row opposite to us did.
It was a shock at first and quite exciting but after a while it was just plain annoying. Soon enough, we figured out that no power meant no WiFi, electricity or heating and even the shower wouldn’t work.
It was quite late in the evening, so my other brother went to bed quite soon but he asked me to make him overnight oats so there I was in the kitchen with just a torch for a light source, wandering around trying to get all the ingredients.
I mixed it all around and placed it in the fridge then realised that didn’t work either.
It all made me think how much we depend on all the power in our house and to be without for just a couple of hours was so frustrating.
It’s amazing how much you take for granted and how much we have to be grateful for.
However, instead of watching TV in the evening which we would all normally do, my Mum and I played cards in the torchlight, which was very different and we threw the dog’s toys for him to play with.
The power, I was told in the morning, came back on at around 10.45pm and we were all very pleased, especially my brother, whose overnight oats were nicely chilled!

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