More bad news for West Hill planning application

Proposals to build on the land at Greytops in West Hill have been hit by two recommendations for refusal this month.

Both the Tree Officer’s report and advice from the Environment Agency are not supportive of plans to put 38 dwellings and a caf� and satellite doctor’s surgery on the Cooper Trust Land in the village.

The report by a Senior Arboricultural Officer from East Devon District Council expresses doubts over the accuracy of the tree assessment submitted with the planning application earlier this year. In an email to EDDC’s planning services earlier this month David Colman writes: “I have checked a sample of the trees and found the measurements for height and crown spread… consistently record a value some 25 per cent lower than those I have measured.”

He goes on to state Nigel Hardy’s plans for 16 private residences and 22 retirement homes will compromise the root protection area for many of the trees on the site. He said: “In conclusion the information provided with the application does not demonstrate that the development will not cause significant harm to trees of significant visual amenity. Accordingly … I ask that the application be refused.”

On the same day Jo Clarke, a planning liaison officer from the Environment Agency, wrote to EDDC to say she noted the work of the applicant in pre-application discussions with South West Water but should look harder at connecting the drainage for all the houses to the public sewer, rather than create its own foul drainage treatment plant.

Miss Clarke concluded: “Until a satisfactory foul drainage proposal is put forward, we must recommend refusal of this application.”

The plans also failed to get the support of Ottery Town Council last month, but the EDDC will have the final say on the planning application.