More nudists for beach near Sidmouth?

The beach on the west side of Budleigh beach

The beach on the west side of Budleigh beach - Credit: Archant

More naked beachgoers could come to Weston Mouth, near Sidmouth, if calls to move a recognised nudist site along Budleigh Salterton’s bare shoreline are not answered.

Nudists who use the designated site at Budleigh beach (pictured, right) have asked for it to be relocated due to the disappearance of shingle there.

But town councillors in the resort said beachgoers shedding clothes did not fit its ‘oldy-worldy’ image - and that naked bathers get ‘too close for comfort’ to fully-clothed families.

Speaking at a recent meeting, Budleigh mayor Courtney Richards said: “We never had a naturist beach at Budleigh Salterton.

“It was not a nudist beach, it was a beach where people could go swimming with no clothes on, come out and cover themselves up. “We did not have a nudist beach and I would personally be very happy for us not to have one again.

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“We are a slightly quaint, oldy-worldy seaside resort. I do not wish to see them encroach any further.

“If the beach isn’t there, it isn’t there.

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“My view is they’ll have to go somewhere else.”

The nearest alternative to place to enjoy the beach in the buff is along the South West Coast Path at Weston Mouth, which is listed online among ‘clothes-free beaches’ at

It informs explorers of the steep route down and says: “You pay for your day’s relaxation and nuddying [sic] with some stiff exercise.”

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