More PCs for Sidmouth promise top brass

POLICE numbers in Sidmouth are set to increase by two, says one of the Force s top brass, criticised last week for not supporting the town s officers on the beat.

POLICE numbers in Sidmouth are set to increase by two, says one of the Force's top brass, criticised last week for not supporting the town's officers on the beat.

Superintendent Philip Kennedy, who is responsible for the area, said the town would gain two more police officers when 200 extra front line force are released for Devon and Cornwall.

There was a cautious welcome at the news from town council chairman, Councillor Tom Cox, who said he "will not hold my breath until it happens."

Supt. Kennedy said: "Resourcing levels at Sidmouth police station are in line with other similar areas of the Force.

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"There are currently no vacancies and the whole team are working very hard to provide a first class service to their local community."

He said the Force was undergoing a "realignment of resources" to release 200 officers to front line duties across Devon and Cornwall.

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"Sidmouth police station will receive an extra two police officers who will work on patrol, serving the local community."

An extra four officers will be added across Seaton, Axminster and Honiton.

"These officers are available and often deployed in support of Sidmouth officers. In addition, a sergeant and five constables will be used to tackle priorities across East and Mid Devon," said Mr Kennedy.

"They will be a taskable resource, and will support Sidmouth officers as well as other teams and will target hot spots of anti-social behaviour and late night disorder.

"I am confident the extra resources will improve the services we deliver to the Sidmouth community."

Mr Cox said: "This has been long overdue. I knew this was in the offing but was not in a position to announce it formally.

"We are very concerned about the struggle the local lads have, particularly when they are short-handed.

"I am encouraged by what I have heard and can't wait for the time we actually see these people."

But, he added, this was a paper decision.

"Until I see more Bobbies on the street, visible to people, it really is all talk.

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