Moving tale of 106-year-old Grace

A 106-year-old says the recipe to her long life is a tot of whisky each night before bed, home cooked meals, and moving house.

Former Sidmouth resident Grace Jones will celebrate the landmark on Sunday – and wanted to let friends in the town know she is still going strong.

The ex-Old Hayes resident, who cooks for herself every day, is fit and healthy and even attends an art class every week.

She spent 12 happy years in Sidmouth and has moved house a total of 27 times.

Grace moved to the Cotswolds six years ago to be nearer to her daughter, Deidre McCarthy and son-in-law Patrick, formerly of Salcombe Hill Road.

“Mother is an amazing lady in every way,” said Deidre.

“Quite often we have lovely conversations about Sidmouth and memories of the Victoria Hotel.”

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Grace will celebrate her 106th birthday with a special luncheon at Buckland Manor, near Broadway, and a tea party at the Ellenborough Park Hotel near Cheltenham.