Mum and twins “forced out” by mould invasion

Kelly Gorman with her 5 year old twins in her mouldy flat in Sidford. Photo by Terry Ife ref shs 904

Kelly Gorman with her 5 year old twins in her mouldy flat in Sidford. Photo by Terry Ife ref shs 9042-10-13TI To order your copy of this photograph go to and click on myphotos24 - Credit: Archant

A MUM and her five-year-old twin children claim they are being “forced out” of their home by an invasion of damp and mould that council landlords “won’t do anything about”.

Kelly Garman, 24, says the young family have been blighted by the problem – which started two years ago - and have been left frustrated that she has only been issued advice in all that time.

East Devon District Council has responded by saying the problem seems to be caused by condensation, and have offered advice on tackling it.

Kelly says she and the children have suffered chest infections and feel they have no choice but to leave the flat, in Lower Brook Meadow, Sidford, for private accommodation.

She fears the move from their home of two years will see them suffer financially and unsettle her youngsters.

Kelly said she has tried everything suggested to solve the problem - but nothing has worked.

She described the amount of mould in the second-floor flat as “ridiculous”.

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“We’re being forced out of our house,” said Kelly.

“It’s not just been a few weeks – this is over years.”

“I just want someone to take notice – they keep fobbing me off. It’s un-liveable.”

A spokesman for the district council said the householder reported issues in November 2009 and was issued advice on “lifestyle and prevention of condensation” days later.

He added that contractors visited the property in 2010, “reiterated” advice and no subsequent complaints were received until January of this year.

A maintenance surveyor called at the flat and provided her with further information about dealing with condensation.

The spokesman added: “As the problem still appears to be caused by condensation, we would again advise her to follow the advice and information already given.”

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