My Sidmouth by Graham Whitlock

Sidmouth Citizen of the Year Graham Whitlock with his Mum Patricia. Ref shs 17 19TI 3124. Picture: T

Sidmouth Citizen of the Year Graham Whitlock with his Mum Patricia. Ref shs 17 19TI 3124. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

Manor Pavilion Theatre manager Graham Whitlock writes about his love of Sidmouth

Please introduce yourself...

Since 2006, I have been the theatre manager at the Manor Pavilion Theatre, Sidmouth.

As a young man (that was many years ago!) I would often visit Sidmouth, as my parents lived in the area, and we would often go and see a number of the plays at the theatre during the Summer Season.

What is your favourite memory associated with Sidmouth?

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My favourite memory associated with Sidmouth was when I was a child and visited for the first time to watch the Red Arrows display.

I stood on the seafront on a beautiful day with many thousands of people and was totally in awe on the display above my head.

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I found it totally amazing and still do.

As a child, it really left a lasting impression on me; from that day I have loved Sidmouth and the Red Arrows.

What do you like most about Sidmouth?

Everything that Sidmouth has to offer.

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful, outstanding part of the country.

With the coast line, and the countryside on our doorstep, we should never take it for granted.

What is your favourite shop in Sidmouth?

I cannot honestly single out one shop, as it's the collection and range of shops that make Sidmouth.

I do, however, love the shops that so kindly allow us to display posters of theatre shows in their windows.

At the theatre, we want to attract as many people as possible to the venue.

We also hope they will stay, shop and spend in Sidmouth and hopefully return again and again, which in return can only be good for the whole of Sidmouth.

How have you seen Sidmouth develop throughout the years?

Of course, Sidmouth has developed over the years, but part of its success is the fact it still remains an attractive unspoilt seaside resort.

There is a huge amount happening through the year in Sidmouth, and a lot of this is due to the local people.

It remains quite unique and long may that continue.

What is your favourite building in Sidmouth?

Forgive me, but I would have to say, the Manor Pavilion Theatre.

Theatre should be about creating memories for all.

People want to be entertained, to laugh and enjoy themselves.

Hopefully the venue achieves this.

It is a total joy to see the local talent, mixed with professional shows and audiences attending sell-out shows.

Sidmouth is a very special place and it is my hope that Sidmouth has a theatre it can be proud of.

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