‘My story is a lesson to everyone to celebrate Christmas’ says cancer mum

A TERMINALLY ill Naomi says goodwill and Christmas spirit towards fundraising exploits in Sidmouth is ‘overwhelming’

A TERMINALLY ill young mum says the goodwill and Christmas spirit shown to her in Sidmouth has ‘restored her faith in the world’.

Naomi Thomas, 29, says getting the chance to celebrate another festive season with her family is the only gift she really wants this year.

Naomi doesn’t know if she has six months or 10 years to live after breast cancer - she thought she’d beaten - spread to her spine.

She was told she had an incurable tumour just days after the birth of her son Devon.

Despite the illness, the Sidmothian has launched a bid to help others and boost a trio of causes that have aided her.

“I think my story is a lesson to everyone to celebrate Christmas, and be with your family, as thought it’s your last - every year. You just don’t know what’s around the corner,” said Naomi.

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She will stage a Pink Ladies Day at Kennaway House on January 15 to benefit FORCE, CoppaFeel, and the Willow Foundation, and has been “overwhelmed” by the town’s support for the event.

“The well-wishes and Christmas spirit have been wonderful,” said Naomi.

“The town can’t do enough for you - It’s been heart warming.

“I guess, with my illness, I’d lost a little faith in the world. It’s been restored now.

“For people to still be giving in this economic climate says a lot about Sidmouth. I’m hugely grateful.”

Other cancer sufferers have contacted Naomi after reading about her story.

“When you’re told you have cancer you join a club that no one wants to be in,” said Naomi, whose family home is in Manstone Avenue.

“The people I’ve met along the journey have been such a pleasure, so at least there is one bonus.

“It’s a very lonely time when you are diagnosed. You often don’t want to talk to your family about it in fear of upsetting them.

“It’s nice just to speak to someone who ‘understands’.”

Naomi, who now lives in Wellington, Somerset, has also made an unexpected new pal in Sidmouth-based events planner Samantha Williams, of Bennetts Hill, who’s volunteered her time and expertise to help with the Pink Ladies Day.

“A fantastic friendship has blossomed. I feel very lucky. I couldn’t have done it without Sam,” said Naomi.

Her fianc�e Graham, 32, said: “I’m so proud of Naomi and know that, when Devon is old enough to understand all that his mummy did, he will be too.”

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