Mystery cash donor saves Ottery Carnival fireworks!

THE generosity of a mystery good Samaritan has re-lit the fuse on Ottery Carnival s previously doomed firework bonanza.

THE generosity of a mystery good Samaritan has re-lit the fuse on Ottery Carnival's previously doomed firework bonanza.

The display will now go ahead at the Land of Canaan as part of next Saturday's festivities, just weeks after cash-strapped organisers said they couldn't afford it.

The Herald reported this month how pricey fireworks, which cost around �1,500, were ruled out by Carnival Committee members due to dwindling funds.

However, committee secretary Steve Pearcy said on Monday: "We've taken the decision to go with fireworks after we had a substantial donation towards them.

"Following the piece in the paper, someone came forward who wanted the tradition to go ahead as a whole, and was concerned that if we lost the fireworks the event would crumble away.

"This is very much appreciated and in view of this person's efforts we felt we had to go ahead, and to try and raise the rest of the money on the night."

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As the fireworks spectacular will now take place, a planned Carnival disco in The Institute has been cancelled.

Steve said the Carnival committee now faces a massive fundraising challenge to keep the firework tradition going, and hopes residents can reciprocate some of the mystery benefactor's generosity next Saturday.

"We want to raise as much as we can on the evening," said Steve.

The fireworks display will begin at 9.30pm next Saturday and will follow what is promised to be a spectacular Carnival procession at 7.30pm.

- See next week's Herald for a full preview of the event.