New first responder for Branscombe

Branscombe has a new first responder after the Johnsons have stood won following seven years working for the rural ambulance service.

Abi Fuell has completed her training and has now become the active First Responder for Branscombe and Weston.

The scheme kicks in when a 999 call is received at the ambulance headquarters. The control centre will dispatch an ambulance to the incident, but to ensure emergency help can get there as soon as possible the first responder will also be called.

This makes sure in difficult to get to locations or where it will take further to get to with an ambulance, help is on hand quickly.

Tony and Jill Johnson have been in the role for seven years, but have decided to step down as Branscombe First Responders for the South Western Ambulance Service.

They said of their replacement Abi: “We offer her our full support in her new role and are very grateful to her for carrying on this important role for the community.”

They said more volunteers would be very welcome, and added the role is very worthwhile.

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Tony and Jill said if anyone else in Branscombe was interested in full training is provided by the ambulance service, contact them on 01297 680133, or Abi Fuell on 01297 680512 for details.