Could you give Sadie the home she needs?

Sadie, a cat needing her own space and a patient owner

Sadie, a cat needing her own space and a patient owner - Credit: Axhayes Cats Protection

A ‘patient and experienced owner’ is sought for a cat with an unpredictable nature, currently being looked after by Axhayes Cats Protection. 

Sadie, aged 10, has had trouble settling into new homes in the past, and will need time to adapt. 

Deputy manager at Axhayes, Jackie Phipp, said: “Once she gains trust and bonds with you she is a friendly cat who will cuddle close to you, but you will need to understand this doesn't always mean she wants hands-on attention.  

“Sadie likes interactions to be on her terms and can be feisty with very little warning. She doesn't want to live with other cats or dogs or children.  

“We think she would benefit from having her own space outside of, but annexed to the home (such as a summerhouse or garage area) initially. By settling Sadie this way she can get used to her new surroundings and then come into the main house when she is ready.” 

For further information visit the Axhayes Cats Protection website