New Ottery chain plan stalls

The controversial plan to spend �1,500 on a new ceremonial chain for Ottery’s Mayor seems to have been dropped.

At last month’s town council meeting it was agreed a small working party would look into the cost of replacing or refurbishing the chain of office and report back.

But the agenda for Monday’s October meeting of Ottery Town Council contains no mention of a new chain, which some councillors said would provoke a ‘public backlash’.

Five councillors, including Roger Giles, backed his proposal to shelve plans to spend part of the council budget on the chain, even if as Mayor Glyn Dobson asserted, ‘it was the worst chain in the district’.

Councillor Claire Wright said local people would not be pleased with funds from the public purse being used on the new chain when the money could be used elsewhere, and the Herald printed letters from members of the public last week angry at the proposal to spend up to �1,500 on the scheme.

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