New Ottregians’ �5k for Hospiscare

THEATRICAL exploits by two plucky groups of Ottery volunteers have boosted Hospiscare by a whopping �5,066.

The New Ottregians and the Otter Vale Friends of Hospiscare this week celebrated a bumper charity haul after a debut showing of Jane Eyre The Musical proved a smash hit.

Both groups teamed up for the show’s July run at The King’s School, with Hospiscare members’ front of house efforts matching New Ottregians’ on-stage antics.

“To find words for this is very difficult. There are two words in English that say it all; thank you,” said Geoff Beck, chairman of the Otter Vale Friends of Hospiscare as he received the cheque. Show director Helena Williams-Pugh praised her cast of volunteers who gave up their time and talents for free and made their own costumes.

“They do it better than professionals,” she said, “The amount raised is brilliant, particularly with a show that no one had ever heard of.”

Crew members laboured over a handmade set, that cost just �3, for nine hours. Cash raised will pay for two parish Hospiscare nurses’ salaries for a month

“They can be out in the community to visit all those in need, patients and their families, to see they are as happy as they can be and that is the main thing,” added Mr Beck.

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Working together, both groups have raised nearly �25,000 in seven years. The New Ottregians have raised �58,000 for the cause in their 15 years of existence.