New Ottregians' Tale in Ottery hailed 'best ever'

THE New Ottregians performance of A Tale of Two Cities last week has been hailed the most successful production the group s 15 year history.

THE New Ottregians' performance of A Tale of Two Cities last week has been hailed the "most successful" production the group's 15 year history.

The play's five-night stint at The King's School drew in hundreds of spectators and looks to have raised thousands of pounds for Hospiscare, members of which acted as front of house for the run.

Volunteer cast and crew members provided and made all their own props and costumes for the play and hours of rehearsals in Ottery's United Reformed Church hall look to have paid off.

Group founder and producer Helena Williams- Pugh founded the group, which encourages people of all ages who have never been on stage before to give it a go.

She said: "It's (A Tale of Two Cities) certainly our most successful, maybe not by the number of bums on seats, but we had a full theatre every night and standing ovations most nights.

"Quite a lot of people came back to see it again, that's never happened before and is very gratifying. To get 150 people a night is a big attendance for Ottery."

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Helena paid tribute to her cast and crew, labelling their efforts a "absolutely brilliant" "They put their heart and souls into it," she said.

"Its such a gutsy story and they enjoyed being able to feel the emotions of what it would have felt like during the French revolution, and quite often found themselves tearful."

"That's the theatrical experience, one you remember rather than just a show.