New parking scheme for Sidmouth

Drivers need not worry about having change to pay for their stay

MOTORISTS in Sidmouth can now use their mobile phones and credit cards to pay to park on Peak Hill as part of a brand new initiative.

Drivers need not worry about having change to pay for their stay, says Devon County Council (DCC).

The authority this week launched a ‘RingGo’ service for its pay and display meters in the town.

No parking tickets need to be displayed with the new scheme as traffic wardens can check vehicles on an internet database via special handsets.

Residents and visitors can still use coins if they wish.

“This new system provides a quick and easy option of paying by card which will hopefully encourage people to make more of their visit to our town,” said Councillor Stuart Hughes, DCC cabinet member for highways and transportation.

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“While people will still be able to use coins in the machines, they won’t have the worry of scrabbling around to see if they have enough money with them. This system makes it much more flexible and convenient for motorists.”

First-time users of RingGo can register by calling the standard rate number displayed on ticket machines, or in advance by visiting a website. Vehicle and payment details are required first time round.

Once registered, drivers can use either the same phone number, mobile internet, or special RingGo iPhone or Android applications to pay for their parking.

The service asks for details of the individual’s location- a four-digit code on the pay and display machines-, the time they want to stay, and the three-digit security code from the reverse of the debit or credit card. Using RingGo costs a flat rate of 20pence in addition to the normal parking fee.

The system also offers optional text alerts, costing 10pence each, confirming parking session details and highlighting when tickets are due to run out.