Strong support for Otter Nurseries' reservoir plan


Otter Nurseries site of the new reservoir. - Credit: Google

Ottery Town Council has approved plans to build a new reservoir at Otter Nurseries. 

Councillors on the planning committee were strongly supportive of the plans, Otter Nurseries want to build a reservoir to help irrigate their plants. 

The proposed reservoir is located back from the B3177 (Alfington Road) set within an open field Otter Nurseries currently get their water supply from nearby boreholes. The plans will re-route all water runoff from all buildings and direct it to the reservoir.

Cllr Roger Giles said: "Ottery St Mary Town Council strongly support the application to create a reservoir to increase capture of water run-off, and this is one of the environmental benefits, it will collect water from the nearby bore-hole which will result in better quality drinking water for nearby residents."

"It's really good, Otter Nurseries are doing this, with considerable effort and expense to build, and then not make any money from it, I think they should be commended on what they're doing."

In planning documents, Jacqui Taylor, from Otter Nurseries, said: "The Environment Agency has shown a keen interest in the project encouraging companies such as Otter Garden Centres to provide an alternative way to harvest rainwater and reuse it across the site."

Members of the planning committee voted to support the proposal. This application will be determined by East Devon District Council.