New scheme to boost small Sidmouth businesses

SMALL Sidmouth businesses could be helped to prosper thanks to a new Devon sent initiative.

SMALL Sidmouth businesses could be helped to prosper thanks to a new 'Devon sent' initiative.

Devon County Council (DCC) has teamed up with the Devon and Cornwall Business Council (DCBC) to launch the Devon Business Angels scheme.

The bid aims to match small companies wanting to grow and individual investors who have skills and expertise to help them develop.

Investors can contact DCBC or the council directly for a completely confidential conversation. Details are taken of the likely investment opportunity they would wish to be engaged with and in which sector, together with details of any specific skills or expertise that they can bring to small companies.

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Companies wishing to investigate a source of cash and intellectual capital can also contact DCBC or the council to arrange a meeting.

DCBC will act as broker by bringing together parties and will, where needed, facilitate the meeting but not the deal as well as providing access to suitable legal and financial expertise.

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Colleagues in Business Link and other business organisations will also be able to refer investors and businesses to the scheme

Businesses or investors should contact the DCBC on (07801) 597302 or the Economy Department of DCC on (01392) 382744.

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