Newcastle Kingsmen enjoy 'brilliant' audience reception at Folk Festival

The Newcastle Kingsmen

The Newcastle Kingsmen relax between dances at Sidmouth Folk Festival - Credit: Maria McCarthy

The Newcastle Kingsmen, highly popular performers of traditional Northumbrian Rapper Sword dance, are delighted to return to Sidmouth Folk Festival.

Andy Lawrensen from the group said: “The audience reception is always brilliant – and I'm especially grateful to the cobbler at Timpsons on the High Street who fixed my shoes free of charge!”

Chris Finn added, “Not only are people warm and friendly, but the weather is fantastic compared to the North."

On Saturday night the Rapper side visited 12 Sidmouth pubs to carry out their famous Sword Dance. “We can perform in a small area,” explained Chris Finn. “So after gaining permission from the landlord we will dash into the pub, do the dance and rush out again – it's fun and energetic.”

The Newcastle Kingsmen will be performing at various venues throughout the festival including The Blackmore Gardens and will also be running a Longsword Workshop at St Teresa's Hall.