Newlyweds boost Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary

NEWLYWEDS on their honeymoon in Devon have donated nearly �400 to Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary.

NEWLYWEDS on their honeymoon in Devon have donated nearly �400 to Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary.

Alison Hooper and Sampsa Leather, who married in Andover on June 5, asked family and friends to give a donation to the donkey charity in lieu of wedding gifts and raised �398.50.

The couple, who hail from March, Cambridgeshire, made a special visit to the Sanctuary on Thursday to hand over the money to Dawn Vincent, senior PR officer and granddaughter of the Sanctuary's founder, Dr Elisabeth Svendesen.

Alison and Sampsa told the Sanctuary: "We decided to donate the money to the Sanctuary because donkeys are nice, they don't get as much coverage as other animals, and they need our help. We couldn't think of a better reason why not."

Dawn said: "Alison and Sampsa have made a very kind gesture, and we would also like to thank their wedding guests who donated so generously. "Four hundred pounds is a great deal of money and will be put to very good use in helping to care, protect and rescue donkeys around the world."

The couple spent eight hours at the Sanctuary and were given the chance of close encounters with donkeys by Dawn.

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"It is a really unique way of people helping the charity. They were a really lovely couple."

The charity has been affected by the increase in donkeys being relinquished into its care each month because their owners can no longer afford to keep them because of the current economic climate.

For further information about The Donkey Sanctuary call 01395 578222 or visit

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