Newton Poppleford couple ‘royal’ wedding day plans

Lee and Bobby to spend Royal wedding occasion preparing for their own wedding the following day in Sidmouth

WHAT will you be doing on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding day?

One Newton Poppleford couple know exactly where they will be.

Full-time firefighter Lee Comley, 41, and Victoria (Bobby) McCarthy, 38, who helps staff Middlemoor’s Police control room, will marry at Kennaway House, Sidmouth, and have a reception there for 80 guests on Saturday, April 30.

So on the day of the Royal Wedding they will be busy decorating the house in preparation for their own special day.

“We will be preparing the whole building for the wedding, decorating all the rooms with a country cottage garden theme,” said Bobby, who is using an ivory, silver and white colour scheme.

The couple met when Lee was flat-hunting in Exmouth and moved into Bobby’s, after finding it through a mutual friend.

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“As a thank you I asked if I could take her out and luckily she said yes,” said Lee, who comes from Bristol.

They moved to Newton Poppleford in 2009 after finding somewhere where Bobby could keep her horse and their dog.

“It’s a wonderful place to live,” said Lee, who travels to Taunton where he is crew manager.

The couple decided on their wedding date some time ago, when their work shifts coincided long enough for them to enjoy a honeymoon in the Caribbean after their wedding.

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Meanwhile, plans for Sidmouth’s Royal Wedding street party are taking shape and tables are selling out fast. With only 10 tables left of the original 100 available, organisers Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce, have added an extra 20 tables to the street party plan.

To book one fill in the form at The Anchor Inn, Old Fore Street, Sidmouth, adding your �20 fee.