‘Where is the land?’ Why developer says he cannot build on Alexandria

Tony Cox and David Addis met with Tim Ford to ask questions about the proposed development at Sidfor

Tony Cox and David Addis met with Tim Ford to ask questions about the proposed development at Sidford Business Park. - Credit: Archant

There is only one unit available for new businesses in Sidmouth for the next 20 years claims the man behind plans for a new business park at Sidford.

Tim Ford told residents there was no more land to build or develop on the Alexandria Industrial Estate during a tour of the site.

The meeting had been set up by residents to ask about his plans for a change of use for the Two Bridges site to provide 8,445sqm of employment floor space and 250 new jobs.

Mr Ford’s family has owned the right hand side of the Alexandria Industrial Estate for four decades, running container and mixed sized units for businesses in the town.

Mr Ford said: “Today, if you come to Sidmouth there is only one unit available and that’s it for the next 20 years.

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“Tell me where I can build. I have shown you all the land we’ve got, where is the land?”

He showed residents the investment the family had made to help businesses, from installing equipment to creating new units to allow them to expand.

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Mr Ford said the proposed development at Sidford was aimed at light commercial and businesses similar to those on the industrial estate already.

He added: “We have got at least five businesses that are looking to expand from existing businesses from Sidmouth.

“This is our market and that’s where we want to keep it.”

He said that the units would look ‘smart’ and also extended an invitation to other residents to look around the estate.

Attending the tour was 29-year-old Tony Cox, who asked questions on behalf of a number of residents about the Sidford development.

Mr Cox said: “To put themselves out there to provide local business with opportunity, name another local who can or will do the same?

“I think it was good to get a full look around; I’ve got the footprint of the park in my head now and no matter how hard I try, with the logistical issues, it cannot be developed further.”

Last week the Herald reported Devon County Council highway’s objections their opposition to the Sidford plans due to the narrow streets and distribution element of the application.

The plan has received more than 100 letters of objection.

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