‘No excuse’ for illegal fly-tipping as council takes hard line

Waste dumped by fly tippers near Venn Ottery last year

Waste dumped by fly tippers near Venn Ottery last year - Credit: Archant

A clampdown on illegal fly-tipping - that is causing problems in Sidmouth and East Devon - has been launched following a recent spate.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) is taking a hard-line stance against the culprits responsible for a recent spate in which large quantities of household, garden and industrial items have been dumped.

The problem has been particularly rife at recycling banks in towns.

A meeting of the Sidmouth and Ottery Action Group was told by an EDDC officer that the increase in fly-tipping is creating problems, not just for the teams picking it up, but also because of the impact of waste being scattered around.

An EDDC spokeswoman said: “The council takes the issue of fly-tipping very seriously and will not tolerate any illegal dumping of waste, whether it is by local businesses or residents.

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“There is simply no excuse for this behaviour. Recently, there has been a spate of fly-tipping, involving large quantities of waste being dumped in front of and around our recycling banks.

“We are taking measures to identify as well as to deter offenders and this includes the use of CCTV. We will be closely monitoring the recycling bank areas and will issue fixed penalty notices to anyone caught fly-tipping.”

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Action has already been taken by the authority against two offenders in East Devon – a householder and contractor, both issued fixed penalty notices, plus a bill for the clean-up cost.

The EDDC spokeswoman added: “Our officers are extremely diligent in identifying and tracking down culprits.

“Failure to pay either the fine or bill may lead to court or recovery action. If contractors are used, householders must make a note of the vehicle, its registration and the name and address of the contractor. They must also obtain a receipt. Failure to do this may result in them being liable for the offence if the third party cannot be traced.”

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