‘No more’ dog waste bins in Sidmouth- EDDC

Council won’t fork out for any more receptacles, sponsors sought.

CASH-STRAPPED district council chiefs won’t fork out for any more dog waste bins in the region.

New receptacles in the Sidmouth area will have to be funded privately.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) has even asked Sidmouth Town Council if its clerk can deal with initial requests for additional bins if residents want to pay for them. The clerk would then have to approach EDDC and request it installs �59 bins, which cost between �60 and �100 to put in place. Sponsors will also have to fork out �200 to ensure they are emptied three times a week for a year.

In a letter to the town council, EDDC writes: “The district council currently has more than 350 dog bins across the region. These are emptied three times a week and our contractor is already removing a staggering 270 tonnes of dog excrement each year. The environment department frequently receives requests for additional dog waste bins to be installed at specific locations but, unfortunately, in the current economic climate, we are simply unable to pay for the installation and emptying of any more bins.

“There have been proposals from some local businesses, to sponsor new bins in the vicinity of their premises. In the past this has caused some administrative difficulties for us, but it is now being suggested that private sponsorship of bins could be a valuable resource for certain local communities.”

Sidmouth town councillors will discuss the matter when they meet on Monday.