NoWhereIsland is coming to East Devon

NoWhere Island – It is a real place with no indigenous population, you cannot visit it or become a tax exile.

However, East Devon residents will be asked to become citizens next year when the piece of Arctic land will be moored off the Jurassic Coast.

The island, which measures 40 by eight metres, was discovered in 2004 by artist Alex Hartley in the High Arctic region of Svalbard in the melting ice of a retreating glacier.

Next summer, the artwork will embark on a 500-mile voyage accompanied by a land-based embassy, which will arrive in Exmouth in August 2012.

Phil Gibby, south west Arts Council director, said: “NoWhereIsland will involve thousands of people throughout the south west and further afield, giving them an opportunity to be part of one of the biggest arts projects of the cultural Olympiad.

“We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to experience great art, and this project gives people the chance to become citizens of the island, take part in debate, or simply enjoy the experience of seeing the island appear during 2012.”

The arrival of the �500,000 Arts Council-funded project will coincide with the 2012 Jurassic Coast Earth Festival.