Opinion: ‘Big decisions get talked about but never resolved’


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‘In Sidmouth. none of these things have been sorted.’

Is it me, or do I have the distinct feeling that decisions concerned with the future of Sidmouth continually get talked about but never resolved?

My wife and I have now lived here 17 years and when we arrived there was talk of improving the situation at Pennington Point, mending Alma Bridge and sorting out the parking problems in the town.

None of these things have been sorted.

It appears to me that the only thing that has changed is the position of the shingle on the beach. That’s still a problem and will be until they slow down the longshore drift with new groynes.

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When are the powers that control the outcome of our future going to complete simply one outstanding problem before putting another proposal into the firing line?

And regards ‘traffic chaos’, would it not make sense during the next four weeks to have traffic lights on the road outside Powys House to give both directions of traffic equal lengths of time to get in, as well as out, of the town.

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At the moment, because of the priority given to outgoing traffic, the system is less than ideal.

Bert Hague

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